Planning to travel at the end of the year? Singapore passport renewal now

SINGAPORE - Singaporeans with year-end itinerary items ought to apply for new identifications now in the event that they are holding visas with less than a half year's legitimacy or lapsed ones.


The Migration and Designated spots Authority (ICA) said in a warning on Thursday (Aug 18) that doing so will assist with staying away from one more flood in applications for visas towards the year's end.

"(This will) give adequate chance to ICA to satisfy the need for year-end ventures," added ICA. "Singaporeans who present their applications late will gamble with not having the option to gather their visa in time for their movement."




Photographs should be taken with equivalent splendor

Photographs should be required inside the most recent three months

Look ought to be impartial with the mouth shut

The candidate's shoulders and hair should be completely apparent

Photograph foundation should be white



Record size ought to be something like 2MB

Photographs should not be mutilated or flipped

There ought to be no reflection or brightness on the candidate's displays

Advanced photographs ought not be modified utilizing PC programming or portable applications


All Singapore residents can have their visa application handled in the country by the particular workplaces. Identification administrations are taken care of both by the International safe haven and Departments and on the committed web-based entrance. The records expected by the Singapore abroad mission workplaces are for the most part something similar, with a couple of increases to demonstrate your legal stay in the U.S.


In this way, on the off chance that you want to know how Singaporean visa restoration functions, continue to peruse. In this article, we will show every one of the choices available to you and how to finish the cycle.

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